How to Make Extra Cash Using Ebates

Promo codes, coupons, discounts, rebates. These are just a VERY small portion of the ways that you can save money when shopping and buying things. Ebates is another great way you can make extra cash back on your purchases. Here are some great ways to get the most out of your Ebates.

How to Make Extra Cash Using Ebates2

It’s super common for Ebates to offer deals and bonuses when you sign up for them. You can get up to a $10 gift card if you sign up at the right time. If there’s no offer right now, you can either check around and see if any of your friends have personal codes you can use to get points for signing up!

How to Make Extra Cash Using Ebates

If you are using Ebates, you definitely want to shop at their registered stores and online shops. To the best of your ability, change your shopping routine so that you are using sites that have Ebates. It may take some time, but, in the long run, it’ll save you money.

If you sign up with Ebates, then make sure you’re using it consistently. Remember that the more consistently you use it, the more money you’ll make back.  So try to use it every chance you get and keep growing your account!

How to Make Extra Cash Using Ebates4

When shopping through Ebates, be patient! Prices and offers can change so, if the thing you want right now doesn’t have an Ebates offer or isn’t a good price, then wait a bit. If things haven’t changed in a month or so, then you’re probably good to buy it since it most likely won’t change.

How to Make Extra Cash Using Ebates5

A lot of people don’t know this, but you can stack your Ebates with coupons and promo codes. Some people lose out on great deals because they didn’t realize Ebates work with most other promotional offers. Do this trick and you’ll see the money come rolling in!

When shopping with Ebates, do your research. Don’t just buy the product you want on the first site that offers an Ebates deal. Instead, look around at their other sites and see if the price and Ebates offer is better. Doing your research like this can save you hundreds (if not thousands) by the end of the year.

Top 7 Shopping Rebate Programs to Save You Money on Your Purchases

It’s pretty well known that no one ever turns down a chance to save a few bucks. . Luckily for all of the money saving lovers, the surge of internet and mobile technologies has made it extremely easy to access rebates, coupons, and killer deals! Not everyone knows this, but there are actually tons of apps and online programs out there that will help you save tons of money on your everyday purchases. Here’s a list of seven of some of the best shopping rebate programs you can get involved with!

  1. One of the most famous and popular rebate programs has got to be Ibotta. It’s so widely-used because it’s straight-forward and pretty user-friendly. Instead of having to scour the Internet and advertisements for rebates on your products, this one severely cuts the process down! Pretty much, you download the app, take a picture of your receipt, confirm your purchases, and then get money back! The app gives you access to all sorts of rebates that are available without you having to go out and find each one individually. Once you’ve reached the $10 minimum, you can get the amount on a gift card or deposited into a participating account. Simple and so easy to use! There’s also a group feature on this app, so you can save money with friends and family!
  2. Another pretty popular rebate program is Ebates. While this is only limited to online purchases, it’s still a very preferred program because of the vast amount of rebates it offers. Ebates is affiliated with 1,700 online stores, so you’ll definitely find a few that offers products you already buy. Not only that, but it claims to have given out $325 million dollars back to all of its users since it began in 1998; that’s pretty impressive! Signing up is really easy—just create an account, go shopping, and then the rebates are applied to your account. Every site is different, so make sure you do a little looking around to secure the best deal. Because it’s so easy and pain free, there’s really no reason to get some cash back from all your online shopping.
  3. Checkout51 is a recent program that has actually been gaining quite a bit of traction lately. A really handy feature of this app is that it doesn’t base it’s rebates off the store but off the product. That way, even if you live in the middle of nowhere and don’t have any big brand stores, you can still get money back from the included products in Checkout51’s database. Another nice feature of this app is that it’s updated on a weekly basis. So if there’s something that you want to buy this week but doesn’t have a rebate, it could very well be on there the next week!
  4. You’ve all probably heard of (and used) Groupon, but did you know they have a rebate program too? It’s called Snap by Groupon, and if it’s anything like its parent company, then I’m sure it has great deals and money saving opportunities. This works much like the other rebate apps we’ve talked about so far, but I’m sure it’s got a database with a few different offers than the others. Something nice about Snap is that it has highlighted weekly offers, so right away you can know what products will give you the most money back. This app is said to have higher payouts than most other apps and also has multiple to unlimited redemptions on certain products.
  5. This next app has the most honest name I’ve seen so far: Rather Be Shopping. Isn’t that great! The awesome thing about this app is that it combines online coupons with in-store coupons so, no matter how you like to shop, there’s something on this app for you! The creator of this add suggests doing research before you go out and shop and use this app. First, decide where you want to go shopping and then find coupons that that store is offering. Make sure they’re downloaded or up on the phone so that, when you do go to check out, you don’t have to be fumbling around on your phone, but they’ll be right there.
  6. Saving Star is a unique take to the whole rebate game and offers a few perks that the other apps don’t (at least not yet). The most unique thing about the Saving Star app is that you can link it to your store loyalty cards. This makes using the app and keeping track of your money back and rebates way easier than other programs! If you are doing online shopping with this, then you have to make the purchases through the Saving Stars website and the appropriate rebate will be applied. The amount of cashback ranges from 1.5% to up to 5%, depending on the retailer and the product.
  7. Shopium is another rebate program that is a little different than the rest of them. It follows the same overall process (buy items, scan receipt, get money back, repeat), but it’s offers are solely exclusive to the users. That means it has rebates and offers that other programs and apps don’t have, which is always a plus! Shopium is a great complement to the other apps and can be used together to make your savings even bigger!

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