8 Ways to Get Clothes for Your Kids for Absolutely Free

Kids clothes can cost a mini-fortune and there are ways to be resourceful and still have well-dressed children.
Here are 8 ways to get kids’ clothes for free or come out even in the whole thing:
Have a community clothing swap! It can be as big or as small as you would like. Everyone will be happy to get rid of clothing that doesn’t fit their children anymore and find lots of new items! These are a fun way to connect with other parents who are likely to give you their hand-me-downs in the future, as well as get rid of your old items that are taking up space.
Sell your items at a local consignment shop. If your kids outgrow their clothing or they go out of style, try to sell them to make some money. Then you can use the money you made from those clothing items to buy them some new ones without having to spend anything.
Trade some services for clothing. If you don’t have any clothing to give and don’t want to pay for them, offer to babysit your friends or neighbors kids in exchange for clothing. They get free childcare and you get free clothes.
Join or start a Facebook clothing swap group. These are really popular and are a fast and easy way to find things you like online and can trade with people. Scrolling through pictures can save you time rather than having to sort through a big bag of clothes, and it’s really easy to make your trade offs if you don’t have time to organize a more formal clothing swap.
Re-purpose old clothing items to make new ones. If you have adult clothing you won’t use anymore, see if you can turn it into children’s clothing. Even children’s clothing that is old can be re-purposed and used in new ways. Just try to get creative and you will be amazed at new clothing items you can come up with!
Borrow clothing when your kid only has to wear it one time. If your child is in a wedding, a play, or attending a school concert, it is a hassle to have to spend money on an item they will most likely only wear once. Try to ask around and see if they can borrow an item for that occasion and then return it once it’s over.
Some people may find this tacky, but it can be really helpful and you’ll be glad you did it! For Christmas or birthdays, start requesting items or telling friends and family to buy your kids clothing items instead of toys.
Check Craigslist for free clothing items! Sometimes you can find people who are giving away stuff for free just because it’s easier to get rid of than put in the work of trying to sell it to someone. Always keep your eye out for these great finds so you can snatch them up!
And a bonus tip: if you are at all interested in starting your own children’s online boutique, you can get clothes for wholesale and your online kids’ clothing venture can fund your kids’ wardrobe.  I have a friend who did this very thing and she is not only dressing her kids to the nines, she is also making a really great side income from home.  It is such a great idea.  Very resourceful.  If you are interested in starting your own online business, visit  How to Start a Website for Just a Few Dollars a Month to help you get started.
8 Ways to Get Clothes for Your Kids Absolutely Free