12 Ways to Reduce Your Utility Bill

With warmer weather just around the corner, utilities often increase significantly as air conditioners and fans starts running almost constantly. However, you don’t need to let your bills increase just because the temperature is. In fact, whether it’s summer or winter, here are twelve great ways to reduce your utility bill. The first thing you’ll want to do is check all your doors and windows for leaks or cracks. You’d be surprised at how much a small leak can increase your utility bill! If needed, replace the whole door or window frame, but usually it’s a small fix that doesn’t take much time or money. Speaking of windows, a great way to heat or cool your home is by smartly using the blinds and curtains. During summer, it might be tempting to let the sunshine in, but you’re also letting in heat, which makes your AC have to work harder. So, when possible, keep the blinds and curtains closed during the summer and open during winter. There is one caveat to this, though. If you get a nice cross breeze in your home, then you can keep the blinds AND windows open during the summer. This can significantly cool down your home without using a lick of AC! However, you won’t be able to do this every day if you live in a place that gets pretty hot. If you don’t cook at home or only cook for a few people, then consider investing in a toaster oven. It’s smaller than your regular oven, meaning it takes less time, energy, and money to heat up! A meal or dish for two or three people can easily fit inside a normal toaster oven, saving you lots of money in the long run. If you’re a people person, then you can also call up your utility company and ask if they have any discounts or alternative plans that you can try to save money. Most companies actually have a few plans you can choose from that help you customize your utility usage to your best advantage. At worst, you get a no, at best you can save hundreds. If you haven’t already, buy energy efficient light bulbs and appliances. You can wait until your light bulbs burn out or the appliances wear down if you want, but replacing them with energy efficient ones will drastically reduce your utility bill. Somewhat along those same lines, consider investing in solar power (especially if you live in a hot and sunny place). It might cost a bit upfront, but most solar power systems pay for themselves in under five years! You’ll be saving money and saving the planet, all at once!   Whenever possible, use cold water for cooking and washing things. If you use hot water, it’s going to be more expensive (because it has to be heated), but you sometimes need hot water (like washing some dirty dishes). If you get into this habit, then you can see quite a few dollars shaved off your utility bill. Some jobs and companies actually give you a discount on certain utilities if you work for them. Not a lot do this, but you can also check with your employer to see if they offer any kind of discount, even if it’s a small one. A super easy way to increase the efficiency of your air system while decreasing your utility bill is by replacing any air filters. If the filter is clogged and dirty, the air conditioner or heater will have to work harder to pump cold or hot air in. Not only that, but the dirt gets spread around your home. Change the filter and breathe a little easier (literally and financially!). I don’t know about you guys, but I used to leave a lot of my things plugged in, just because it was more convenient. However, I learned that that’s not only bad for the environment, it’s also bad for my wallet! Get rid of “phantom power” by unplugging any cords or appliances that aren’t in use. That way, they aren’t using energy when not in use because they aren’t plugged in. Another great way to decrease your utility bill is by buying a programmable and/or smart thermostat. There are tons of different brands and kinds, but you can get them for as cheap as $20. These thermostats respond to the temperature of your house, adjusting it when necessary. You can also program some from your phone, making managing the temperature that much easier.
12 Ways to Reduce Your Utility Bill

How to Turn 1 Cent into 1 Million

I know; this sounds like a pipe dream, right? Well, it’s actually not. While you won’t see your penny turn into one million overnight, with the right investment plan and attitude, you can see your money grow! Here are some tips and suggestions that will help you cash in on that one cent investment.

The best way to turn one cent into one million is through a compound interest investment plan. Whenever I say the words “interest” or “invest,” I see most people’s eyes glaze over and they start to zone out. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! The first thing you need to do in order to make money is to get over your fear or hesitancy of investment plans. Once you can take a big breath and stare that investment plan in the face, you’re on the right track.


After you’ve gotten over your fear of investing, you need to find a good investment plan. There are tons of apps and websites out there, such as Betterment, Wealthfront, Capital One 360, and a variety more! The key is to find one that works with your timeline, with the money you can put into it, and your overall financial goals. Enlist the help of friends and family members who have a knack for this kind of stuff.

Once you’ve found your investment plan (and actually invested!), you need to be patient. Compound interest is not for the faint of heart or short in patience. If you try to withdraw your earnings from your investment after a year or two, your returns are going to be minimal. However, if you let it sit for ten, twenty, thirty, or more years, the returns will be huge and you’ll be able to retire nicely.

After you’ve changed your attitude towards investing, found an investment plan that works for you, and told yourself to just not touch it, the only thing left is to watch the money roll in! The growth will be small at first, but by the time you take it out in a few decades, you’ll love yourself for being so well prepared!

15 Work at Home Companies that Pay $12 an Hour or More

There are a lot of different ways to work from home, and I listed a lot of different companies that will allow you to do so on the post 25 Companies That Pay You to Work From Home. A lot of those ideas are temporary or extra side money, but I wanted to make a list for those of you who are looking for a good job making a decent extra income from home. So, here are 15 companies that you can work for from home making at least $12.oo or more per hour (Some are repeated from my other article).

Brighten Communications– They hire telemarketer callers, and pay between $12-$18 per hour. You need high speed internet, a land-line that can call long distance, a printer, and fax machine.

The ACT– They are always looking to hire readers to read and score the essay portion of the ACT. Pay is based on experience, but starts at $12.00 per hour. You do need at least a bachelor’s degree, and they prefer teaching experience, but it isn’t required.

Hilton Worldwide– Work for this well known hotel chain from home doing reservations and customer service. They are a very reputable company and offer great benefits for employees!

Blue Zebra Appointment Setting– Cold calling appointment setting. Start at $15-$25 per hour based on experience!

Executive Scheduling Associates– Work from home scheduling appointments for financial wholesalers starting at $12 per hour.

American Express– Visit their page and search “virtual” in the “search for job” box, and all of their work from home options will appear. I have heard a few of them start at $16 per hour.

Working Solutions– They hire independant contractors to do sales, technical support, and customer service. Looking for experienced and well educated employees, and start you at $20 per hour!

Virtual Office Temps– Hire virtual office assistants, and pay up to $28 per hour. Looking for committed, long term, part and full time employees.

Panda Tree– Starting at $12 per hour training students in Spanish and Mandarin.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel– A travel company that hires you to help customers with their travel plans. Starts at $15 per hour.

Harris Connect Fundraising– Pay $12-$15 per hour for at home fundraising and sales.

Alorica– At home agents doing customer service calls. It’s not an hourly rate, but you get paid a per minute, or per call rate.

Rosetta Stone Work from home as a language coach. Pay is about $17 per hour.

Zero Chaos– Conduct search evaluation ads and quality ratings. Pay is $15 per hour.

Blooms Today– Assist customers with their purchases. Earn an average of $15-$25 per hour with unlimited potential based on performance.

I have said it before, and I will say it again… The best way to earn a living from home is to start a blog.  You are in complete control of your income and you have a flexible schedule.  You can work when you want to and do something that you love.  If you are more interested in working from home for yourself, visit How to Start a Blog and learn how to Make Money Blogging.

15 Work at Home Companies that Pay 12 an Hour (or more!)

12 Expenses You Should Never Put on a Credit Card

Just because you have a credit card doesn’t mean you should use it to pay for everything. While credit cards give some awesome perks and benefits when you use them, not all expenses should go on them. Here are just 12 expenses to avoid putting on your credit card.

Due to crazy convenience and service fees, putting taxes on your credit card are a no-no. For those big tax bills that you weren’t expecting, putting them on the credit card may seem like the right idea, but it’s not. Do your best to pay this debt in cash or by debit card/check so you don’t get additional fees.

No matter how tempting it is, don’t put your wedding or honeymoon expenses on a credit card. This will only make starting married life more stressful when you start your marriage off with a huge pile of debt. Only put expenses on your card that can be paid off within the month.

Mortgages can be hefty, which sometimes makes us want to put them on the credit card so we don’t have to deal with them immediately, However, this is bad, especially if the mortgage is above what you can pay each month. You’ll accrue tons of interest that will severely lower your credit score.

Bail bonds or anything else that is considered a cash advance is a huge thing you should avoid putting on your credit card. Whenever you do a cash advance with a credit card, you’re often charged a 3% (or more) service fee, which adds up quickly.

School costs are so expensive nowadays, but you shouldn’t put them on your credit card. Try your best to get government assistance, scholarships, or student loans. Putting tuition costs on your credit card will only hurt you financially in the long run.

Virtual currency like Bitcoin are a really bad expense to put on your credit card. There are numerous reasons for this, but the main one is that virtual currency transactions aren’t always the most trust-worthy. Lots of people have their hands in on virtual transactions, meaning you have more of a chance of credit card fraud occurring.

Although medical bills can often be big and expensive, avoid putting them on your credit card. Instead, talk to the doctor or hospital to try to figure out a payment plan. These charges usually last a long time and, if they’re on your credit card, you’ll accrue lots of interest against yourself.

Don’t put any kind of down payment on your credit card. If you don’t have the cash to pay a down payment, then you’ll probably never be able to actually repay the whole loan. This is a red flag and means the loan is going to be a burden for a long time.

While it may be more convenient, putting gambling expenses on a credit card is a terrible idea. It’s super easy to lose track of how much money you’ve spent when you’re using a credit card and it’s easy to get out of control with “just one more go.”

If you’re starting up a business, put as few of the expenses on your credit card as possible. If you go into business with a bad credit score or tons of debt and loans, it’s going to be really hard to pay those things off or be taken seriously by potential investors.

Don’t put trip expenses on a credit card unless you have great self-control or have a large cash backup to pay off the charges within the month. It’s just too easy to spend way too much money when you’re putting everything on your credit card on vacation.

Don’t buy an automobile on your credit card. Most dealers don’t even do this and, if they do, they’ll put all of the fees and charges on you, which means the price of your car will increase drastically. Not only that, but these payments are hard to pay off every month and you can often max out your credit card, which lowers your credit score significantly.

12 Expenses You Should Never Put on a Credit Card

10 Personal Finance Tips That Could Change Your Life

I get it; changing habits can be hard, especially when it comes to financial ones. No one changes overnight, but there are some things that you can start doing today that will change your life in the long run!

Some people advise against this, but I think it’s a good idea to get a credit card…but to use it wisely! Credit cards help you build up your credit, plus you get access to lots of perks and benefits that normal cash, checks, or debit cards don’t get you. However, don’t max out your card every month or forget to pay it off. Get a credit card, but use it wisely.

Start now to save consistently. You could put away $10 every week, $100 every month, or something else. How much you put away isn’t as important as just getting in the habit of saving money. In a few months or years, you’ll have a great emergency savings fund to rely on.

If you have a few debts you’re trying to pay off, do the snowball method. Simply put, you throw all your extra money at the smallest debt until it’s gone. Then you move on to the next biggest one. This eliminates the amount of interest payments you have to pay, which is why it’s called the snowball.

Sit down right now with whoever you share money with and make a budget. Plan out how you’re going to spend your money this month and project it out for the year. This will help you stay on course with what you spend, giving you more control of your finances.

Do your best to live within your means. If you really want a $30,000 car but can’t afford it, then don’t buy it. Instead, get the one that fits your budget. Living within your means still gives you plenty of ways to be happy and fulfilled without loading yourself with debt.

Whenever you go out or decide to buy something, ask yourself “Why am I buying this?” or “Do I really need this?” Believe it or not, stopping to ask yourself this question (and really pondering on the answer) can save you from spending money on things you don’t need.

Another good way to curb your purchases is by waiting 30 days before making any unnecessary purchases. You may want that new ottoman in the moment, but 30 days from now it won’t seem like such a big deal. And if it still is, then consider getting it!

When you go to make big purchases, make sure you’ve done your research first. It may not be very fun, but doing your research will allow you to make the smartest decision, giving you the best quality for the cheapest price.

With the leftover money you have, consider investing some of it in stocks or other financial options. Investing can be a tricky business, so talk to a friend who’s in the know or do some research to make sure you’re making smart financial investments that will give you good returns.

If you’re really serious about making some changes to your financial life, then get a money buddy. This is just someone that you will be responsible to for all your financial choices; by making you accountable to someone else, you’ll think twice before you buy anything you don’t really need. You and your money buddy can help each other be smarter spenders.

10 Personal Finance Tips That Could Change Your Life

8 Survey Sites You Can Use to Make Extra Money

Making a little extra money is nice, but sometimes it’s hard to find a legitimate source that pays well. If you want to work from home on your own schedule, then try some of these survey sites. They each work a bit differently, so find one (or more than one) that you like, and get signed up!


This is the survey site that I’ve heard the most about. I’m not saying it’s the best, just the most widely dispersed. A cool thing about Swagbucks is that it offers more than just surveys; you can get points for just surfing the web!

Pro Opinion

This is a relatively new company, so they’re looking for as many new users as possible. They want you to take surveys based on your professional expertise and opinion (hence the name), so keep that in mind. Also, this site doesn’t pay in cash, it does gift cards, but usually that’s not a big issue.

American Consumer Opinion

This is your classic survey website. It pays you for each survey you take, and the surveys have a wide range of topics. If you’re looking for something simple and straight forward, then this is your site!

VIP Voice

My favorite thing about this website is that it has a tiered system in place. That means that the more surveys you take, the more points you earn for each one. You can also use your points to enter website specific sweepstakes, which can give you big rewards!

Nielsen Digital Voice

This website has lots of different functions, so you can do more than just take surveys in order to make money. Through this site, you can even just browse the web to make money!

Pinecone Research

Lot of people say that they really like this website; it’s user-friendly, pays well, and isn’t too pushy with their information. Every now and then, the website also sends you free products to do reviews on, which is always nice!

Inbox Dollars

The name of this survey site pretty much explains what it’s all about. J Other than websites, you can also play games, do online shopping, and search the web in order to earn points and money! It can’t get much better than that!

Harris Poll Online

This website has a feature that I really like that the other ones don’t have. You get points for all the surveys you take, but if the site recommends a survey for you but you don’t qualify for it, then you can still get points for the untaken survey! That’s like free money.

If surveys aren’t your thing, here are other great ways to make money from home:

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50 Great Ways to Make Money on the Side

54 Side Hustles to Earn Extra Cash from Home

10 Ways to Earn a Living on the Internet

8 Survey Sites You Can Use to Make Extra Money

16 Ways to Use Your Camera to Make Money

Taking pictures can be more than just a hobby; you can actually make money off your photographs! You’ll need to have a gifted eye (or be trained in photography,) to be able to make money with your photographs.

Start with individual portraits or even family photography. There are lots of ways to go about doing this: you can put posters up around the city center, talk to neighbors and/or friends, or build an online profile.

There are actually a TON of sites that you can use to sell your stock photos to. There are so many with different rules and guidelines that you’ll for sure find one you like. Look around, find one that gives you a good cut of the profits, and then start working!

You should also join picture sharing sites like Flickr, for example. You can adjust the rights to your photos so that people can see them and either use them for free or buy them at a cheap price. This will get your work out there so more people talk about and use it.

You’ll want to start building a portfolio both online and in a physical copy. To get real experience in your portfolio, start by offering free or super cheap sessions.

Websites like Scoopshot will hire you and give you photo assignments that they’re in need of. You can sign up for multiple websites and, when they need photos, they’ll put out an assignment that you can select. It’s a pretty easy and great deal if you like taking pictures anyways.

Landscape photography is a pretty big deal, especially in tourist areas. Tour companies are always looking for good pictures to put on their websites and brochures, and you could even make and print your own photos to sell to tourists.

As you take pictures and start getting experience, make sure you’re using them to build an online presence. Join networks like Instagram to build a following, and get paid to travel!

 Airbnb hires freelance photographers to take pictures of apartments and rooms for sell. You’re contracted out individually by each owner, but Airbnb is sure to set you up with some pretty sweet connections.

In fact, real estate photography in general is a good business to get into. Realtors or independent contractors and sellers are often looking for a skilled photographer that can make their property look as ideal as possible.

You could try your hand at “PR Photography.” This is pretty much the more acceptable term for being in the paparazzi, but hey, it pays well. Take pictures of celebrities and then sell them to websites and magazines. If you get a good picture, you can actually make some pretty decent money this way.

Special occasions such as graduation, weddings, or sporting events are a good way to make money as a photographer. Usually you can reach out to people and offer your services at these events since they’re always wanting professional pictures at a good price.

Mix photography with marketing by signing up with services like Stylinitiy. Basically, you take pictures of your clothes and post them on Instagram. If your followers buy your look then you get paid! It’s a fun combo of fashion and photos

Once you’ve got a pretty good base, you can start contacting companies directly and offering to take pictures of their products and brands. If they can see that you’re good at what you do, then they’ll very often give you a trial run to see if you’re a good fit.

Websites like Foap allow you to sell your iPhone images to make some quick money. You split the profits with Foap, but they provide great access to all kinds of services.

If you live in a big city or somewhere that always has special events, hang around those event areas and offer your services to people at a small price. This is pretty popular at sporting events or other things that attract tourists.

Try and see if you can contact some magazines or newspapers to sell your photos to them. They usually want very specific pictures, so if you have what they want then they’ll often pay you a decent price to get it.

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6 Critical Financial Discussions You Should Be Having

Financial issues are one of the main reasons for divorce these days, and one of the biggest causes of stress in our lives. Whether you have already tied the knot, or are planning to soon, there are some critical financial discussions that you need to have to try and prevent financial issues from becoming a bigger problem than they need to be. It is a good idea to continue these conversations and more throughout your marriage or relationship. Financial issues need to be a team effort, and the more you sweep them under the rug…the worse they get.

1. Where You are at Financially Right Now

Let your partner know what loans you have, what debts you still need to pay off, investments you may have, savings money (discuss what it’s for). You have to know where you are starting out to make a plan for the future.

2. Financial Goals 

Discuss both short term and long term goals such as…goals for paying off debts (when and how much you will pay each month), how much you want to save from each paycheck, goals for buying a house, retirement plans, health care, education goals, plans for future jobs (especially when kids come in to the picture). It will make such a difference to discuss these things a head of time and get on the same page.

**If you are interested in making more money to help in your financial goals, here are some great side jobs to help bring in some extra cash:

How to Make Money Blogging

How to Start a Blog

8 Legit Ways to Make Money From Home

Top 54 Side Hustles to Make Extra Money

50 Ways to Earn Extra Money on the Side

10 Ways to Earn a Living on the Internet

3. Monthly Budget Plans

Is one of you a spender and one a saver? Do you like to eat out multiple times a week? Is buying expensive clothes, makeup, or home decor important to you? These are good questions to answer not only for yourself, but for your significant other. You need to be on the same page with where expenses are going, and how much. This will avoid trying to hide purchases, and creating tension. Go over each of your expenses from the past month and see where you spend most of your money. I am sure there are places that both of you can improve on to get to a better place budget wise. Planning a budget together is also the “how” of your short term, and long term financial goals. By creating a budget that you both agree on you will be planning your route to achieve those goals together!

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4. What Expenses Need to be Decided Together

Do you need to discuss an expense any time you swipe the card? Or just large expenses? This isn’t something we thing about discussing very often, but it is a good thing to be on the same page about. You don’t want to cause a fight each time you come home and one of you has bought something. So figure out what works best for each of you. Will you include a certain amount of “extra” money for each of you every month? Do you just trust the other person and not worry about expenses they are making? Do you make every purchase a combined decision? There isn’t a right or wrong way, but there will be a way that works best for you so figure out what that is!

5. Bank Accounts and Bills

Discuss whether or not you will have joint banking accounts, or separate. Also know who will be in charge of bills, you should both know what monthly bills and expenses are coming in each month, but knowing who pays what (or signing up for auto pay) will avoid missed payments and blaming one another for late fees.

6. Financial Weaknesses

Admitting our weaknesses is really a sign of strength. If you and your partner can openly discuss each of your weaknesses financially then it will be easier to help each other through those in the future and work through them as a team.

6 Critical Financial Discussions You Should Be Having

How to Get Freelance Writing Jobs

If you like writing and ever want to make money from home on the side, freelance writing might be a good option for you.  It is a great gig to make a little bit of extra income on the side. If you enjoy writing, then freelance writing is definitely something you can pick up on the side for some extra money and maybe even enjoy it!  Here are just a few ideas that will help you get those freelance writing jobs.
  1. If you want to work as a freelancer then you need to make sure your writing skills are sharp and professional. If you’re not already a good writer, then take some steps to become one. There are online classes, community courses, or even reading and journaling everyday can help hone your skills. You don’t need to sit down and read the dictionary or anything, but making sure you’re constantly exposing yourself to writing opportunities will help out. Practice writing, get feedback from friends and families, and then rewrite. It may not be the most exciting thing, but it will expand your skills and knowledge.
  2. You may need to start writing for free before you get paid for your work. This isn’t always the case, but it can really help you get your foot in the door at many agencies. You can even get a free guest writer position on some popular blogs to help get your name out there. Even though it doesn’t pay, these kind of gigs will pay in name recognition and invaluable experience. Be aggressive and send your work out to whatever websites you think fit your style. Without charging a fee or expecting payment, many companies are more willing to look at your work and even publish it.
  3. Another option, in addition to writing for free, is finding sites that have guest writers. Some of these positions are paid (although most aren’t,) but either way, they’re great for experience. If you can become an endorsed guest writer for a website or blog, not only will you get consistent writing opportunities, but you’ll also get name exposure as well. Just like on a resume, being a guest writer shows future contractors and company owners that you’re serious about your writing and that you’re good enough to be hired. Lots of writers actually got their start into a money-making freelancing career by being guest writers on prominent websites first. It may not be the most glamorous job or experience, but it’s a great start.
  4. If (and when!) you do start building a name for yourself and making money from your freelance work, then you’ll want to make sure you have sufficiently honed your self-discipline and money management skills. If you’re only getting a few jobs every now and then, this isn’t so much of a deal. But the more work you have, the more companies contract you, and the other invariable responsibilities that come with growing a home business can really weigh you down if you don’t have a good system in place. Self-discipline is necessary so that you aren’t saving all your assignments for the night before they’re due (reminds me of school). If this is your style, then your contractors will quickly realize that and most likely drop you as a freelance writer. Similarly, you need to have a way of keeping track of your finances and managing your money. Not only will this help when tax season rolls around, but it will also give you more power to negotiate for higher payment for your writing.
  5. Another aspect of freelance writing that is so important is networking and making connections. You need to be comfortable getting your feelers out and find potential business assets that can help your writing career flourish. If there are people in your community that run successful blogs, reach out to them. Friend, follow, and like potential businesses that you would like to write for in the future. Get to know a company’s writing style, typical topics, and target market. Once you’ve done your research, contact those who are in charge of the writers and be firm but polite in getting your writing published by them.
  6. If you don’t want to network and connect with other people in order to get your writing out there, then consider creating your own blog! It will be hard work but, if you remain dedicated, then it can be a really great payoff. Not only will you make money from people reading your work, but you can also get money from ads and other marketing strategies. Choose a blog topic that is broad enough to have things to talk about every week, but still specific enough to actually attract a certain type of audience. And if you start your own blog, make sure it looks professional and remains up-to-date. You can use your blog as evidence to possible contractors to show them the quality of your work, too.

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50 Ways to Earn Extra Money on the Side

Lots of people think that you either have to suck it up with the job you have, find a completely new one, or just settle for the income that you’re currently making. While that may have been true 20 years ago, nowadays it’s easier than ever to have small jobs on the side that can highly increase your cash flow. And the best part is, most of these can be done from your home, in your spare time, or they’re simply something you enjoy and would be doing anyways! Here are 50 great ways to earn some extra money on the side.
  1. First and foremost, you could start a blog. I have managed to pay off 20k in student loans, quit a miserable job and make a six-figure income while working from home.  Blogging has literally changed my life!  I am now staying home with my babies and working on the side.  Blogging has brought in as much as $74,000 a month through advertisements and affiliate networks.  There is a lot of money to make from home with a blog.  Find out how you can start a blog and make money from home blogging.
  2. You can also become a driver for companies like Uber and Lyft. Not only do you get to pick your own hours for this, but you also don’t have to pay any fees, you just have to meet the requirements for your car. If you live in a big city or near a tourist attraction, then this is a great way to make some extra money.
  3. For those of you with lots of connections or a website with a strong fanbase, then try selling products. They can be homemade products or other company’s products that you support and use. If you use things like Beachbody, 21-day fix, Truvision, or Essential Oils at home, then endorse and sell their product.
  4. This may not be earning money, but it’s a way to save money (which is pretty much making money, right?). Use Ibotta to get rebates back on your grocery trips. You simply just take a picture of your receipt, upload it, and then you’ll get money back! Ebates allows you to also access rebates online, so there are lots of options!
  5. If you like writing, you can also try becoming a freelance writer! This is pretty common nowadays, especially online. You can do freelance writing in print, but blogs and websites are more common. There are websites like Freelancer, Upwork (which acquired Odesk), and Guru that give you access to lots of freelance writing jobs. Or, if you really want, you can start your own blog! That way you’re your own boss and get all the money!
  6. With the focus on social media lately, you can use your Twitter account to make some extra money. All you need is to have sponsored tweets. You can get in contact with companies or find an online program that acts as an intermediary between you and other businesses. Depending on how many followers you have, this can be quite lucrative.
  7. Anyone who has experience with finances can make some extra cash by keeping books for small, local businesses. This is a lot easier nowadays with Quickbooks. If you aren’t already familiar with the program but know your way around finances, then definitely get to know it so you can start making some money. Plus, you’ll be helping local businesses out, which is definitely a plus.
  8. If you like making crafts and want to make some more money from them, consider selling your work on Etsy. You don’t have to pay any monthly fees, although there is a transaction fee and standard commission fee. However, I definitely think that’s worth the price, especially since you get access to all of the Etsy users.
  9. Here’s an idea I hadn’t heard of, but it really seems like a good one. Virtual Assistant is a professional website that screens all sorts of jobs that you can take up and do for companies all around the world. There is a subscription fee, however, so make sure it’s something you’ll actually use and make money from.
  10. There are lots of apps out there that you can download onto your phone or computer that let you earn money just for using your device. Most of them give you $5 or so for signing up and then you earn rewards that add up to points every week. Some of these apps are Placed Panel and Media Insiders Panel.
  11. Some companies out there, when they have a new product or an update to a product, will recruit testers to give them feedback on their product. You can sign up for this position and help them out! Depending on the program, a lot of the time you get the product for free or at a discounted price as well as make some money on the side.
  12. This is an interesting job, but hey, if you like knitting then definitely give it a try! Not only do you get the knitting patterns for free, but you also get store credit. You don’t get paid for this job in actual cash, but if you’re already spending money on knitting supplies then it’s a good deal.
  13. If any of you out there like teaching, then you can try online teaching. It can be anything from music skills to car knowledge. Through sites like Udemy, you can easily monetize the skills and knowledge that you have while sharing them with the world!
  14. If you want to teach but are more focused on academic skills, there’s still a way to do that! Sites like Chegg give you access to all their users and you don’t have to pay a monthly fee or anything like that. You get paid $20 an hour, which is a great rate, but you do have to pass their application process so they know you’re qualified.
  15. There are some awesome apps and programs out there, and I recently found a few that not only help you earn money but also motivate you to lose Weight. Apps like HealthyWage and DietBet are exactly what they sound like: systems you use to place bets or wagers on the amount of weight you plan/hope to lose. If you do, you get money. If not, you lose the money. Now that sounds like a good way to get motivated!
  16. Another way to make some extra money is to become a ghostwriter. Unlike freelancing writing, being a ghostwriter doesn’t get your name out there, at least not publicly. Pretty much, you write for a person or a company and then they use your work as their own. No attention, but you still get paid.
  17. Have you ever used a search engine and then been so confused at how wrong its guess was or how off the results were? Well, big companies like Yahoo and Google will pay people to go into their search engine results and fix things up. This helps give more accurate results and, if you get good at it, you can make up to $700 a month doing it.
  18. Just because you don’t live in Hollywood doesn’t mean you can’t become a star! Lots of people start YouTube channels and become pretty popular. If you can do this and monetize the site, then you can make quite a bit of money from ads, products, etc.
  19. I’m not really sure why this is a thing, but hey, if you can make money by selling your junk mail, then why not? It just goes in the garbage anyway, right? A company called SBK Center conducts market research and takes people’s junk mail in exchange for money and gift cards.
  20. For those of you out there who love taking pictures, then why not try making money off it? Stock footage is pictures that are free for use without copyright problems, but usually people pay a subscription to stock photo websites. If your pictures are good enough, then you can do this to get some extra cash coming your way.
  21. Another option if you’re a photography fan is selling your smartphone photos. Did you know that’s a thing!? There’s a website called Foap where you can upload your picture and the site sells it for $10. When it’s bought, you get $5 from it.
  22. Okay, maybe you’re getting sick of these photography ideas, but here’s another great one! Try picking up real estate photography! 90% of homebuyers look online at houses before they commit, so it’s vital for realtors to have professional and attractive pictures of their property. Get into this business, and you’ll have extra cash coming in all the time.
  23. Here’s a pretty obvious way to make money, but try selling your things on Amazon or other similar sites. Some sites let you sell your old and gently used items, although not all of them. So after you pick what products you want to sell, then choose the vendor that best suits your needs.
  24. If you have a closet full of old clothes that you never wear, why not just sell them? You can actually even rent out your clothes to other people, did you know that? It’s a pretty good deal!
  25. For those of you who love reading or are students, then selling books can probably become a pretty great way to make some extra money. Not only does this allow you to dejunk, but you get paid to dejunk!
  26. Teaching is a great pastime, but sometimes we feel like we aren’t qualified. However, if you speak English, then you can teach that! You can usually find English teaching jobs both online and locally. Sometimes you have to start off as a volunteer, but you can usually get a paid job pretty quickly.
  27. I know this sounds weird, but there are actually places that will buy your trash from you. Anything from wine bottles to old magazines can get you some extra money. They do this because they want to know more about consumer habits. Good luck!
  28. Anyone with phone and technology experience can become an Apple iPhone Technician. The best part about this job is that you can work from home, helping people out from your couch! Now that sounds like a pretty good deal to me.
  29. Nowadays, there are tons of ways to make money with the things you already have. For example, you can get involved in Airbnb and use your own home as a money-making tool. Whether it’s a spare bedroom or your whole home when you’re out on vacation, this is a pretty nice way to get some extra cash!
  30. One of my favorite sites is Fiverr.  It lets you sell your skills to other Internet users. There are a wide variety of skills that are offered, and you can also post skills that you need, but it’s still a pretty useful site.
  31. Become an Amazon Mechanical Turk and get paid to help solve people’s problems. If you have access to a computer and some basic technology skills, then you can become an Amazon Turk. The key to this is just picking the tasks you can do and not worry so much about the ones that you’ll enjoy.
  32. Believe it or not, you can actually get money for watching TV. Well, not watching TV directly, but RewardsTV will pay you to answer trivia questions about the most recent TV shows. This won’t flood your bank account, but you can make about 15 to 20 extra dollars a month.
  33. Another great way to make money from your writing is by making an e-book. There are lots of people out there that go through self-publishing venues and online publishers in order to get their books out to the world.
  34. This job can be pretty repetitive, but it can pay pretty well if you get good at it. Being a transcriptionist can pay up to $25 an hour. Not too shabby. If you don’t mind doing the same kind of work over and over again, then this is a great option.
  35. Another way you can use your creativity to make some money is by helping companies name themselves. Sites like SquadHelp give you the change to help businesses come up with names and names for their products. You can win up to $200 per contest and there’s (usually) no limit to the number of contests you enter.
  36. Somewhat along those same lines is coming up with company slogans. Taglines, advertising slogans, and jingles are just some of the options. If you really enjoy writing and have a creative mind, then you can even do greeting cards!
  37. If you love spending time on the Internet then become a website consultant! Businesses will pay people to give them feedback on their websites and fix them up (if possible). It doesn’t require a lot of time and you can usually do it whenever you’re free.
  38. If you find yourself with lots of little pockets of free time then try signing up for online polling sites like Ipsos Online. You can do this while you’re watching TV, so it’s not even that much work or effort.
  39. Along with writing online content, if you’re talented with words, you can pick up a few freelance editing jobs. This is especially great if you love poring over documents and articles to make sure they look good.
  40. There are lots of “get paid to” sites where you can sign up and do random tasks for people. On these GPT Sites, it’s usually administrative or data analysis, but you can still make good money.
  41. You can switch to a new search engine that gives you points for every time you use it. Can you believe it!? You can surf the web and make money. Sites like Swagbucks and Bing are a good place to start.
  42. If writing, consulting, editing, or any of these other ideas aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry, there’s still lots of things you can do for some extra cash! For example, you can actually watch videos online through InboxDollars.
  43. Here’s one of those weird ways to make money, but hey, it still works. The Nielsen Consumer Panel wants to know what’s in your fridge, and they’ll pay you to let you know. Once you sign up, they send you a scanner and you just scan all the food in your fridge.
  44. Lots of pizza places, like Papa John’s and Pizza Hut, will hire you to be a “mystery shopper” for them. Part of the requirements are that you time the delivery, rate the customer service, rate the quality of pizza, etc. You can actually get free food for this and even make some money.
  45. Companies and businesses will pay you to use their website and test it for flaws or glitches. You’ll just browse around the website and make sure all the buttons work, the links are connected, it’s not too confusing, etc.
  46. If you love music, art, comedy, or something else then maybe you can get a side job out of it! Get your feelers out there and see if you can perform at restaurants and local venues. You may have to perform free at first, but you can definitely work your way up to some sweet paying gigs.
  47. Depending on where you live, yard work may be a very viable and profitable business. For places where warm weather lets the lawns grow for a long portion of the year, if you picked up even 10 lawns a week, you could earn $250 dollars a week or more than $1000 a month.
  48. Everybody likes a good party, so why not make a side job out of working them? If you can learn a skill like face painting or making balloon animals, then you could make up to $13,000 a year. That’s a pretty big check!
  49. Okay, I know this is a little weird, but if you love animals then you should become a pet masseuse! Yeah, that’s a real thing. If you don’t want to massage the animals, then sign up to be an animal sitter. You get to spend time with your furry friends without having to keep them long term.
  50. If you have any websites or online profiles then make sure those babies are monetized! You can get ads, endorse products, or even become an affiliate marketer. If you have a blog then use that, if you have a YouTube account then enable ads. You’d be surprised at how much more money you can make from your websites if you do some of these things!

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