How to (Quit Your Job) and Make Money on Instagram

Traditional day jobs are always nice, but making money on the side is great too. When you can quit your day job and turn that side job into a full-blown career, that’s even better! If Instagram is one of those ways you want to make money, then try these great tips!

If you’re serious about making money on Instagram, begin posting often. You can’t just put one picture up every few weeks and hope that will get you money and followers. Make sure you’re posting frequently so that your followers can expect to hear from you.

To the best of your ability, develop your own niche. While it may seem like a good idea to post pictures of everything to cater to as many people as possible, that won’t help you market your blog in the long run. Instead, post things that you’re interested in and work it into your niche—when you develop a brand that people recognize, you’re on your way to a great Instagram program!

Be honest and reliable with what you’re posting. If you’re advertising, then tell people that and tell them what you really think. Don’t just give a bad product a good review because the company is paying you. Be honest with the brand, too; if you aren’t comfortable giving them a good review, let them know that. Everyone will appreciate the honesty.

To really take your Instagram profile up a step, sign up for Instagram-focused agency platforms. They’ll help you get connected with brands and Instagram users that are interested in the types of things you’re interested in. Popular Pays is a well-known platform you could use, but you can go with any of them. You have to spend money to make money, after all.

How to (Quit Your Job) and Make Money on Instagram5You could also try using affiliate networks (that are compatible with Instagram). These are pretty unknown in the Instagram world, but they pretty much link your photos to certain websites and, if your Instagram followers are signed up to those sites, when they like your picture, they’ll get links in their email. It’s a little confusing, but a great way to earn money and get your Instagram profile out there.

In order to get others to follow you, you’ll have to follow others. That means doing your research and finding other Instagram users that have similar interests as you. Once you follow them, hopefully they’ll follow you back and you can indirectly coordinate with one another.

 Try to network in real life. If you know people in real life that have connections or that you know would be interested in your Instagram profile, then network with them! You could also get friends and family members from other social media platforms to connect with you on Instagram.

Instead of waiting for brands to come to you, you can always go to them! Contact brands directly that you really like and let them know you’re interested in advertising for them or something similar. You might get rejected, but at least you’ll know that you tried.  Make sure your profile is polished, though, because that’s the first thing they’ll look at to determine if you’re worth the investment.

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